Undertow Review – Open for Submissions


Submissions are open for the Second Issue of Undertow Tanka ReviewKindly submit up to 10 previously unpublished tanka, tanka art, &/or 1 sequence.

“Undertow Tanka Submission” to:

undertowtanka @ gmail . com

*** by September 30, 2014 / second Issue
to be online by October 3


TSA Deadline Extended

TSA members:
Because we didn’t mail the Spring/Summer Ribbons until late July, the TSA board has decided to extend the deadline for submissions for the Fall issue from August 31 to September 15. Please note that the deadline for the Tanka Café remains August 31.
David Rice, editor

Winning Poems for TSA Contest

First Place—Lesley Anne Swanson

along this notebook page
almost invisible
the tiny separations
that ease the final parting

Second Place—Jenny Ward Angyal

on pilgrimage
to Yeats’ rag & bone shop—
I hammer
steely scraps of song,
build a monument to loss

Third Place—David Terelinck

banking the embers
after the last guest
has departed…
this Pandora’s box
of deepening silence
Honorable Mention  (no ranking)

long drought
our prayers for rain
go unanswered
the one cloud on the horizon
mushroom-shaped and growing

                Tracy Davidson
                 Stratford-on-Avon, United Kingdom

gentle waves
rocking the boats . . .
another storm
my mind predicted
never happens

                Kenneth Slaughter
Grafton, Massachusetts

only remembering
how he loved me…
in a clear brook
white clouds gather
in my hands

                Christine L. Villa
North Highlands, California

as her memory
the family ghosts
out of the closet

                Celia Stuart-Powles
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tanks Society of America Contest Winners

Time to celebrate! We’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 TSA International Tanka Contest. We received more than 500 entries, a record, from poets throughout the world. Thanks to our judges, Michele L. Harvey and Susan Constable, and to our contest coordinator, Janet Lynn Davis. And a special thank you to all participants for supporting our 15th annual contest. Winning poems have been posted here and on the TSA Facebook page, and will also be published with comments from the judges in the fall 2014 issue of Ribbons. Congratulations to the following winners:

1st place: Lesley Anne Swanson (USA)
2nd place: Jenny Ward Angyal (USA)
3rd place: David Terelinck (Australia)
Honorable mentions: Tracy Davidson (UK), Kenneth Slaughter (USA), Christine L. Villa (USA), Celia Stuart-Powles (USA)
See next post for the poems!