Fall Issue of Ribbons Now Available

Hello, everyone. We’re pleased to let you know that the Fall 2014 issue of Ribbons has been released. Kathabela Wilson, Tanka Society of America secretary, is in the process of mailing copies to all members.

From David Rice, editor of Ribbons
Look for the following highlights in the Fall 2014 Ribbons: bird and birding poems in the Tanka Café, many sequences and selected tanka (more of you are writing sequences), essays about teaching tanka by J. Zimmerman and Kala Ramesh, Beverley George’s thoughts on sequencing the Australian tanka journal Eucalypt and on writing responsive tanka, David Terelinck’s Poet and Tanka essay, the 2014 TSA contest judges’ report, Angela Leuck’s last book review column, and of course the back cover tanka essay as well as Margaret Chula’s President’s message. I hope you enjoy this issue. 
The Tanka Society of America also is pleased to announce the release of the beautiful 2014 members’ anthology, All the Shells, edited by M. Kei. All current members will receive a copy of this book with the Ribbons mailing.
Please note that additional copies of Ribbons may be purchased at Lulu.com. Ordering information for additional copies of the anthology will be provided later. 

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