Keibooks Announces Tanka Left Behind

Tanka from the Notebooks of Sanford Goldstein
From M. Kei: 

1 December 2014
“There is a new joy in reading these old poems. Almost like meeting an old beloved friend, again and again down the decades, and each time recalling why you have always liked them. Sanford is a rare and honest poet. What you see is what you get. A man who struggles with the loss of his wife, too young, with the bringing up of children, with the teaching and editing and translating and writing and moving from one land to another and back again.”—Joy McCall, author of Hedgerows, Tanka Pentaptychs
The unmistakable voice of the master poet is present. Culled from old notebooks dating back as far as 1976, these never-before-published tanka show the origination and development of Sanford Goldstein, “the grand old man of tanka.” Nearly ninety years old, Goldstein’s career is one of the longest in English-language tanka. He has co-translated the modern Japanese tanka poets of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as numerous other works of Japanese literature. He has edited journals and anthologies, and even now, is still writing tanka poetry. As befitting an artist of his age, he has organized his unpublished works and selected those that he would like to see published. Each poem is so artless it almost seems found rather than composed, but such effortlessness is the result of long practice. Scholars of the future will examine Tanka Left Behind to understand the emergence of one of the most influential tanka poets working in English, but his fans will be delighted for the opportunity to peer into his early career.
“I’m very glad to see these early poems of Sanford Goldstein picked up and carried forward for a new generation to read and enjoy. Our understanding and assessment of his contributions to tanka would be incomplete without them.”—Michael McClintock,  Editor, The Tanka Anthology (Red Moon Press, 2003)
Tanka Left Behind : Tanka from the Notebooks of Sanford Goldstein
by Sanford Goldstein
Edited by M. Kei
ISBN-13: 978-0692258897(Print) 200 pp
$15.00 USD / £ 9.00 GBP / € 11.00 EUR
$5.00 USD (Kindle)
Also available in print and ebook at and other online retailers.
P O Box 516
Perryville, MD 21903 USA

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