Mainstream Journal Call for Tanka and Haibun Submissions

From the editor of KSYO Flash:

I wonder if you might be willing to spread the word, especially among your colleagues as well as women writers of your acquaintance, about our special call for submissions. For our next issue, set to launch no later than the first of June, we especially need haibun stories and tanka tales. Our reading period is open through the 15th of April.

My initial goal in calling for submissions of these hybrid forms was to “infect” writers of prose poems and micro-fictions with my enthusiasm for haibun and tanka. I hope to inspire more writers working in English to try their hand at writing these forms, and, during the experimentation process, to learn more about these ancient literary arts.

KYSO Flash pays $30-$60 (USD) per piece, depending on word count, for original works published online, and payment is made within 30 days of acceptance. Maximum word count is one thousand, including text and title.

(Although we do republish a small percentage of works previously published elsewhere, we cannot offer pay for those, nor are they eligible for reprinting in our anthology.)

Depending on the number and quality of submissions received, not only will we publish the poems online in KYSO Flash, but we will also print a special edition, soft-cover anthology of the best works in November. Cash prizes may also be awarded, in addition to the compensation which authors have received for rights to publish their works online.

If we do not receive enough haibun and tanka to fill an anthology of their own, then those we accepted for the online journal will simply be republished in Volume 2 of the KYSO Flash Anthology, a soft-cover book which is also scheduled for release in November.

In addition, exceptional works will be nominated for prizes such as the Pushcart, and for possible inclusion in the 2016 Best of the Net Anthology and the 2016 Best Small Fictions Anthology.

Details and submission guidelines may be found here:



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