Triveni Seeking Submissions

Muse India, an online literary journal, is seeking submissions in contemporary haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun and haiga from around the world.

India is awakening to the world of haiku and allied genres and we would love to showcase your best work in this special edition. . . but wait a minute – there’s a catch here with the title ’Triveni’

In Hindu tradition Triveni is the “confluence” of three major rivers. Here it signifies the coming together of India, Japan, and the rest of the world in poetry. Surya Rao, Managing editor of Muse India, while telling me he likes the title, said [in the same breath] that we can think of possibly bringing some ‘Indianness’ to go with the title.

Visits to India or exposure to Indian festivals, music, films can be your trigger points! Anything and everything about India would be your theme.

For Indians, I would like you to touch upon your ‘cultural memory’ meaning things about India, your growing up years, the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata that fired our imagination, the giant figures like Mahatma Gandhi and J. Krishnamurthi who widened our horizons, and many more such experiences that keepyou Indian from within—all skilfully woven into a poem, either as a newly created seasonal reference [kigo word] or as details embedded into your haiku, senryu, tanka or your haibun. We leave it to you to make this idea work!

triveni * is scheduled to go online on 1 of January 2016
Original, unpublished haiku, tanka, haibun, tanka prose and haiga not under consideration elsewhere, are welcome from you. We accept work posted on Facebook and your personal blog.

1. Please send submissions of 5-10 haiku.
and /or 5 -10 tanka,
and /or 2 haibun for our consideration all in one mail.

2. If it’s haiga – send it as your second submission in an attachment.

Please note: Submissions are only open from 1st October to 31st October, 2015.
Only email submissions please!

Type “Triveni” in the subject line, and do include a short 50 word bio & a jpg photo of yours (optional), in your submission mail.

Please type your haiku, tanka and haibun in the body of the message, formatted as plain text. Attachments will be considered only for haiga as a 2nd submission. Email submissions should be sent to kalaramesh8 [at] gmail [dot] com (please replace [at] and [dot] with proper symbols before sending.

Triveni, Muse India retains first rights, meaning that if your work is subsequently published elsewhere, Triveni, Muse India must be cited as the original place of publication. Once your work has been accepted, we reserve the right to publish the chosen poems, in the online issue and in the print journal of Muse India.

Keenly looking forward to reading your lovely work,

Kala Ramesh
Editor of haiku & short verse
Muse India

Muse India is published every two months and has so far never failed.


Frameless Sky Now Accepting Submission

Frameless Sky is now accepting submissions for Issue 3. Featured artist is the very talented Sandi Pray. Here is the link for the submission guidelines. Please watch the preview videos on the archives section before submitting. Looking forward to hearing from you!  See the website for more details:

New Book by Debbie Strange

Keibooks has announced the publication of Warp and Weft by Canadian poet Debbie Strange.
Here is the announcement from M. Kei:

Primal poetry with a pagan heart, Warp and Weft by Debbie Strange weaves tanka into short threads of three each, each triptych building into a larger sequence that tells the story of a poet with a raven’s eye. Traversing the wilderness of the human heart, Strange’s map is written with quills upon clouds. Each triptych is an incantation to accompany the moments of life and impregnate them with the fecund power of darkness. She is comfortable with night, with ravens, ashes, soil, pain, and the welling blood of an injured heart. But for all the ghosts that glide through her lines, the wind always rises upwards to become clouds and stars.


my hands
tend the wild roses
upon your grave
in blood and blossoms
I sanctify your name


into midnight
by stars upon stars
nothing but stars


at the stoplight
she squeegees
car windows
her scrawny arms tattooed
with poetry and addiction


she lies trembling
as he dissects the diagnosis
three daughter moths
flutter in fear’s white blaze


riding pillion
my heart
against your back
we unzip the highway
at the velocity of night


“Debbie Strange’s imagination dwells in the world of elemental forces. In her tanka we encounter fire (“burnt down fields of dreams” and the “sun’s closed fist”), water (“glacier hearts” and “bouquets of wild rain”), earth (“dust of love letters” and “stone sorrows”), and wind (“windswept bone” and a “gypsy wind”). At home with ocean and prairie, desert and city, Strange writes elegantly-crafted triptychs that are lyrical and sensual, and saturated with colour and scent. Strange is a songwriter as well as artist and poet and her tanka are steeped in the music of “fog horns sounding a dirge”, “blues wailing through harmonica bones,” and “the bakeshop café’s a capella harmonies.” The poet also possesses the rare ability to surprise: sand in her “shell mouth” never becomes pearls, and the “ragged scars” on her back are “remnants of that night they tore off my broken wings.” Warp and Weft is a fine and sophisticated debut collection.”

—Angela Leuck, author of A Cicada in the Cosmos and Garden Meditations


“Warp and Weft unfurls like the first bulbs of spring, strong and unquiet, they are “the cleft between mountains” where echoes live. These poems, these tiny bones, small as phalanges, but what would we do without them?”

—Katherena Vermette, author of North End Love Songs, winner of the 2013 Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry and the 2015 selection for On the Same Page, Manitoba’s Book Club


“Warp and Weft is Debbie Strange’s Leaves of Grass. We have an amazing poet living amongst us. Let us sing her praises.”

—Alexis Rotella, author of Lip Prints, a tanka collection, and Between Waves, haiku


“Canadian poet Debbie Strange’s first collection of short form poetry, Warp and Weft, Tanka Threads, is stunningly beautiful and deeply moving. The titular threads each are three tanka, from the last lines of which a title for the thread is drawn. The arrangement of verses shows the meticulous and discriminating care of an art gallery show. Strange manages to combine gorgeous language with a spare diction. So much is said in a few well-chosen words. These tanka are a pleasure to read and read again. Debbie Strange has emerged as an important voice in tanka poetry.”

—Denis M. Garrison, author of First Winter Rain (tanka) and Hidden River: Haiku and editor of Modern English Tanka, Haiku Harvest, Ambrosia: Journal of Fine Haiku, and others



Warp and Weft, Tanka Threads

by Debbie Strange

Edited by M. Kei

ISBN 978-1512361124 (Print) 94 pp

$12.00 USD (print) or $5.00 USD (Kindle)


Purchase in print at:


Also available in print and ebook at and other online retailers.



P O Box 516

Perryville, MD 21903 USA




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