Tanka Left Behind 1968

From M. Kei:
Keibooks Announces Tanka Left Behind 1968 : Tanka from the Notebooks of Sanford Goldstein
30 November 2015
Now ninety years old, Sanford Goldstein is the foremost tanka poet writing in English today. In Tanka Left Behind 1968, he gives us a glimpse into his early life and development as a poet. 1968 was a turbulent time when the poet’s wife was hospitalized with a serious brain disorder, his daughter was hospitalized after a bicycle accident, and his father died.
Through it all, Goldstein was aware of the outside world with its protest marches and civil rights issues. The black nurses and patients at the hospital are part of the constrained intimacy of that time, each family consumed by their private griefs, yet sharing a common humanity. As may be expected for a journal written in 1968, Goldstein’s language is sometimes dated, but that too is part of the era. Now, nearly fifty years later, looking back as he writes his introduction, he gives us perspective on his literature and his life.
“What an unexpected delight. I thought I knew well the oeuvre of Sanford Goldstein. But “Tanka Left Behind 1968”, while not a new theme, does bring to the long illness of his wife a new immediacy. This book, written as its events unfolded, was never meant for publishing, not during his wife’s lifetime nor his own. But here in his 90th year, Goldstein has relented of this resolve and gives us in this ‘tanka novel’ one of his most moving and powerful works. A classic from the father of English tanka, written in his apparently artless style, just when we thought we’d heard all he had to say. This is absolutely essential Goldstein. A must have for any English tanka collection.” —Larry Kimmel, editor of Winfred Press
“The first time I read the collection, I did so in a single session without leaving my chair. These extraordinarily plain spoken and terse poems are at the same time emotionally powerful, gripping one’s attention and one’s sympathy, and astonishingly beautiful in their soul-baring honesty. There is simply no other work of tanka in English with which to fairly compare this collection. I highly recommend this book to all poetry-lovers and doubly so to those with an interest in tanka verse. In its pages, you will witness the power of Sanford Goldstein’s incomparable tanka, even in their earliest years.”— Denis M. Garrison, Author of First Winter Rain (tanka) and publisher of the first edition of Sanford Goldstein’s collection of collections, Four Decades on My Tanka Road
Tanka Left Behind 1968 : Tanka from the Notebooks of Sanford Goldstein
by Sanford Goldstein
Edited by M. Kei
ISBN-13: 978-1514848111 (Print) 104 pp
$12.00 USD / £8.00 GBP / €11.00 EUR
$5.00 USD (Kindle)
Also available in print and ebook at Amazon.com and other online retailers.
P O Box 516
Perryville, MD 21903 USA

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