Anthology Window Closing Soon

Just a gentle reminder:  We set the submission window for the 2016 Members’ Anthology for July 15-August 15 to allow our editors and producer time to complete the book so it can be mailed with the fall issue of Ribbons. 

Our very capable anthology team includes Jenny Ward Angyal and Susan Constable as editors, and Ken Slaughter working with design and production.

 We are part of the process of developing a body of tanka in English. Thank you to members who have already sent poems for this TSA community effort. As I knew that travel would punctuate my summer, I chose Aug. 11 as the day to send my own submission.

Submission guidelines are available on the website at:

If you have not sent a submission as yet, please know that we would love to include tanka from every TSA member in the anthology.


we were not
lovers at that time
yet love
as a third person
moves between us


Jane Reichhold

from Spent Blossoms edited by Claire Everett, TSA Members’ Anthology 2015