Message From Atlas Poetica

After a discussion with ai li, the inventor of cherita, I would like to encourage poets to submit cherita to issue 27 of Atlas Poetica (winter, 2017). We will also be interested in articles on cherita and the review of books and websites of cherita as well. Anyone who has published a book of cherita is invited to send a book note for the issue.
Cherita is a cousin of tanka invented nearly twenty years ago. It consists of six lines formatted in three stropes:
one line
two lines
two lines
three lines
three lines
three lines
Larry Kimmel is another writer of cherita; you will want to read works by ai li and Larry Kimmel to acquaint yourself with the form. You can find cherita in ATPO 26 (coming out soon) and most recent issues of ATPO going back to ATPO 20 when we formally added cherita to our submission guidelines.
Here is a link for the cherita guidelines:

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