Atlas Poetica Special Feature Online Now!

8 January 2018 — Perryville, Maryland, USA
Atlas Poetica’s latest special feature, ’25 Tanka About Arthropods,’ edited and introduced by Grunge, is now available free online at the Atlas Poetica website. Twenty-five tanka and kyoka, one each by twenty-five poets, bring the focus to insects and arachnids, or as they are known colloquially, ‘bugs.’
As editor Grunge notes, humans of every culture have a long and variable relationship with the small things that crawl, swim, or fly on our planet. “Because of these broad yet intertwined relationships between men and invertebrates, I knew I had to pick a likewise broad range of tanka which would not only cover the many types of arthropods but also express humanity’s differing views toward them. I hope that I have succeeded and that this special feature encourages others to take a closer look at the small, savagely beautiful world that exists alongside our own.”
Sample Poems
Anna Cates
inching forward
in his wheelchair
a one-legged vet
exploring the bike trail
yellow butterflies
Tamara K. Walker
imagine if Charlotte
the spinning silvery savior
were a black widow
her hourglass mark
running out of love and time
M. Kei
a street rat
from the rough side—
beneath the tattoos,
a gentle heart that mourns
the death of a cockroach
Tish Davis
while training me
on the meat slicer
the deli worker stops
and gently guides a spider
to the edge of a paper bag
Visit to read ’25 Tanka About Arthropods’ for free.

Leaving the Board of the Tanka Society of America

slow walk
to the mail box
I renew
an old friendship
with time

~Skylark 4.1

My two year term as vice president is over and I decided not to seek another one. I will be volunteering behind the scenes for the TSA, but will no longer be an officer.  I hope to do a bit more writing. It’s been a challenging but rewarding two years.  Thanks to all TSA members for supporting me during these two years.