About Me

This is the hardest part of writing a blog. What do you say?

I grew up in Cincinnati, am married, with two children from a former marriage, and six grandchildren.  I Live in the Boston area of the U.S.

I discovered tanka sometime in 2012, and joined a forum:
Aha Poetry Forum

There are many categories on this forum, but I post almost exclusively in the tanka forum.  The critiques are generally honest, and some of the writers will suggest a partial rewrite of your work.  This is all been very helpful for me.

Since joining the forum, I have published tanka in many different venues, all of which you will find on this website.  In 2012 I won second place for one poem and honorable mention for another in the Tanka Society of America’s annual international contest.  In 2014 I received an honorable mention, and in 2015 I won first prize, with two honorable mentions.

There are many places to get your tanka published these days. One of the main purposes of this blog is to help writers get their submissions in before the deadlines have passed. Of course, if it works too well I may NEVER get another tanka published, with all the excellent competition out there.  Good luck with your writing and I hope you enjoy the website.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just published in mid-Feb. The Awakened Heart: Love Poems Anita Virgil. Michael McClintock who read it sent this today: “Lots of people in the tanka world should read it…You really should send review copies to Ribbons (Tanka Society of America. . .etc ”
    Since you are in Boston, may I mail a copy directly to you? If so, I need a snail mail address.

  2. Hi, Anita. I don’t do reviews for the TSA and I am in the process of moving right now. I will find out where to send the book and post another comment when I find out. Thanks

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