Where to Publish Tanka

This blog is dedicated to those who have a passion for tanka poetry.    If you have any news or information you would like me to include please email me at:  kslaught1@gmail.com.

The blog also has information about where you can submit your poems, both for regular submissions and contests. You can search for any publication (case insensitive), and an excerpt from any entry that matches your search criteria will appear on the page.   If you click on the heading  you will find everything you need to know in order to submit your poetry.

 An important thing to know is the submission deadline for each issue. The following can help you manage deadlines:

  • Choose any month from the list on the right.
  • All publications with a submission deadline in that month will be displayed.
  • For each publication you will find submission info and a link to the submissions page on the website.

Any publication that does not provide submission deadlines falls into the 13 – None category.  For example, American Tanka.

Please email me if there is a publication that should be included, or if a link to a website does not work.  Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Where to Publish Tanka

  1. This sounds great, Ken. I’m still not sure how to access this blog. Do I just type in Where to Publish Tanka?

  2. Hi, Rebecca. You are on the blog now! On the right of the page you should see the months of the year. Click on any month, say, August. You will get the publications with August deadlines.

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