Published twice a year. Printed on hanno silk paper.
Submission window:
There will be two print issues per year, in May and in November. Submissions close on March 31 and September 30 respectively
Submissions should be mailed to

Beverley George,
Editor Eucalypt: a tanka journal,
PO Box 3274
Umina Beach NSW 2257

or emailed to

with the subject line: “Submission for Eucalypt Issue [relevant number]” followed by your surname.
Tanka should be in the body of the email (no attachments, please).

“When making your submissions it would be helpful if you would include your name, full postal address, including country, and the date of submission, at the top of the same page as your tanka. Please include a statement that your poems are original, unpublished (see explanation above) and not under consideration elsewhere.”

Website: Eucalypt Submissions

last updated 3/10/2014



Eligibility: Submissions are open to TSA members and non-members alike.

Please send your premium unpublished and original tanka (10 at a time only) with the subject heading “RIBBONS SUBMISSIONS” to Dave Rice, Journal Editor via email at, or by post to:

Dave Rice, TSA Editor
1470 Keoncrest Drive
Berkeley, CA 94702

The TSA’s submission deadlines are in hand no later than:

April 30            Spring/Summer Issue
August 31       Fall Issue
Sept 15               Fall Issue
December 31    Winter Issue

TANKA CAFE: Deadline August 31

NOTE: The above-mentioned are separate from your Tanka Cafe submissions (open only to TSA members) which should still be sent directly to Tanka Cafe Editor, Michael McClintock either by e-mail (at with the subject heading “TSA Tanka” or via mail to:

Michael McClintock
9230 N. Stoneridge Lane
Fresno, CA 93720

Website: Ribbons Submissions