A Message from M. Kei

A reminder: Atlas Poetica 30 is open for submissions: tanka, kyoka, gyogyohka, tanka prose, tanka sequences, shaped tanka, ryuka, sedoka, cherita, non-fiction, and book notes.

Send them in. If ATPO 30 fills, they’ll be considered for ATPO 31.
Reminder: Science Fiction tanka and kyoka special feature is open until Nov 30. GLs at: http://atlaspoetica.org/?p=1761

M. Kei
Editor, Atlas Poetica
A Journal of World Tanka

New Officers for Tanka Society of America

This message is from the new president:

Hello and greetings!

Beginning this month, there has been a change in Officers for the Tanka Society. Marilyn Hazelton is our new President, following Margaret Chula in that position. Ken Slaughter is our new Vice President, as Janet Davis moves on to other endeavors.

We would like to thank Margaret and Janet for their time, talent, good sense, and generosity of service over these last years. We are in their debt as we build on the foundation they have helped set in place.

Marilyn and Ken join with fellow TSA Officers Kathabela Wilson (Secretary), James Won (Treasurer), David Rice (Ribbons Journal Editor) and Michael Dylan Welch (Webmaster) in wishing all our members a very Creative New Year!

New Journal that accepts tanka: Sonic Boom

Send all submissions to:


No deadlines yet that I can find.

Here are their guidelines (posted on facebook).  Search for Sonic Boom on facebook.

Specific Guidelines:

WE CONSIDER ONLY PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED WORK! Poems, stories, or photos on Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs and Flickr accounts are not considered published.

Poetry: Send no more than 3 poems per reading period. We really don’t have the time to read epics, so please, keep them terse, evocative, and under 40 lines. There is no minimum word count limit. You can send us micro-poems, too! All submissions MUST be pasted in the BODY OF THE MAIL. Attachments will NOT be opened. If you have formatting concerns, send us a query and we’ll take it forward from there. Please use a legible font and size (Times New Roman, 12pt), with single line spacing.

Flash Fiction: We want to read stories that thrill us, and set our hearts racing. We are not particularly into speculative fiction. And no horror, please! We are open to experimentation, but definitely not at the cost of quality. Word limit: UNDER 700 words. Anything above this will be returned unread. Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font with double line spacing for easy readability. Please send up to 2 pieces at a time, and send them as attachments, along with a cover letter in your mail. Your file name should include the title of the story, followed by your last name. Example: Dog Days _ Shankar. Please also send each story as a SEPARATE attachment.

Visual art: We want everything from sketches, to doodles, to brushwork, photographs, visual poems, erasures, and all that other stuff in between! If you’re unsure what to label your piece, send it across anyway. Ensure that all images are 300 dpi and of a high-resolution. Send up to 6 images as .JPEG file attachments.


1. Please check all submissions for grammar and spelling errors. If we find gross errors, your manuscript will be summarily rejected.

2. Format your work according to our guidelines. It makes work easier for all parties!

3. Proofread. This can’t be stressed enough.

4. Submit your BEST work.

Atlas Poetica

PLEASE SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: submissions (at) atlaspoetica.org

Atlas Poetica : A Journal of World Tanka is expanding its mission and changing our subtitle to reflect that. As of ATPO 20 (2015) we are Atlas Poetica : A Journal of World Tanka . We maintain our interest in tanka poetry of place, but we will also publish other work with strong imagery and a lyric presentation. We strive to publish not only good tanka and sedoka, but innovative, fresh, and experimental tanka and sedoka poetry and their variants.

In addition, we are changing our publishing schedule to an organic serial in which each issue will publish as it fills. We guarantee that we will publish at least three times a year, but hope to publish more often. To accomplish our new schedule, we will always open to submissions of poetry, non-fiction and book reviews, as well as announcements and book notes on a space available basis.

Website: Atlas Poetica Submissions

last updated 2/08/2015

Bottle Rockets

Publishes in August and February but no deadlines given on the website.

How to Submit

  • All submissions within the U.S. should be submitted via USPS (snail mail). No email submissions will be accepted from poets in the U.S.
  • Poets outside the U.S. may submit poems via email, but please confirm electronic receipt of all correspondence. Please put submission in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment. We don’t open attachments for safety reasons.

Stanford M. Forrester, editor
P.O. Box 189
Windsor CT 06095


See website for full details:

Website: Bottle Rockets Submissions

last updated 3/12/2014