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Atlas Poetica : A Journal of World Tanka is expanding its mission and changing our subtitle to reflect that. As of ATPO 20 (2015) we are Atlas Poetica : A Journal of World Tanka . We maintain our interest in tanka poetry of place, but we will also publish other work with strong imagery and a lyric presentation. We strive to publish not only good tanka and sedoka, but innovative, fresh, and experimental tanka and sedoka poetry and their variants.

In addition, we are changing our publishing schedule to an organic serial in which each issue will publish as it fills. We guarantee that we will publish at least three times a year, but hope to publish more often. To accomplish our new schedule, we will always open to submissions of poetry, non-fiction and book reviews, as well as announcements and book notes on a space available basis.

Website: Atlas Poetica Submissions

last updated 2/08/2015

Bottle Rockets

Publishes in August and February but no deadlines given on the website.

How to Submit

  • All submissions within the U.S. should be submitted via USPS (snail mail). No email submissions will be accepted from poets in the U.S.
  • Poets outside the U.S. may submit poems via email, but please confirm electronic receipt of all correspondence. Please put submission in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment. We don’t open attachments for safety reasons.

Stanford M. Forrester, editor
P.O. Box 189
Windsor CT 06095

See website for full details:

Website: Bottle Rockets Submissions

last updated 3/12/2014


Submission Deadlines:

February 15, 2017.  Future submission dates will be announced later.

Please send all “text” submissions (within the “body” of an email), with the Subject heading for the appropriate form you are submitting to, in all CAPITAL LETTERS, ie; (HAIKU, TANKA, HAIBUN, SENRYU, COFFEEHOUSE, HAIGA-TANKART, SEQUENCES, etc.) to:

Principal Editor: Sonam Chhoki, Bhutan with the subject heading: EDITOR

Tanka Editor: David Terelinck, Australia with the subject heading: TANKA

Haiku Editor: Geethanjali Rajan, India with the subject heading: HAIKU

Senryu Editor: Gautam Nadkarni, India with the subject heading: SENRYU

Haibun Editor: Sonam Chhoki, Bhutan with the subject heading: HAIBUN

Website: Cattails Submissions

last updated 1/3/2017

Day’s End – Ray Rasmussen

“In submitting, please consider that I’ve attempted to keep the website focused on age-related experiences directly affecting the writer and not on the writer’s friends or family and particularly not on the issue of loss or infirmities of a loved one. My plan is to create a similar website with a focus on the experience of “loss.”

If you submit a poem or haibun and I find the subject suitable to aims of the present site, I’ll reply with several image possibilities in mind and ask for your reactions. I won’t post an image with your poem or haibun unless you feel that it’s suitable.

I have a preference for previously published work. If you submit such, please also send the previous publication details: journal, volume, number, date.” You must visit the website in order to submit:

Website: Day’s End

last updated 3/10/2014