Presence is seeking haiku, senryu, tanka, other haiku-related poetry and haiku-related essays. All work should be original, unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere.

Please send only one set of haiku submissions per issue. Haiku/tanka submissions should contain 4-12 poems in the set and be printed on a single sheet —it isn’t necessary to use a separate sheet for each haiku..

Submission period:

14 February – 3 April 2015


1 August – 31 October 2015

Stuart Quine will take the email submissions of haiku and tanka for Presence magazine:

How to submit

For e-mail submissions, include all poems in the body of the text, not as an attachment, and use the subject line: Presence.

Email haiku/tanka/poem submissions to:
Please note that it’s a zero not a capital “O” in Stuart’s email address.

Website: Presence Submissions



Eligibility: Submissions are open to TSA members and non-members alike.

Please send your premium unpublished and original tanka (10 at a time only) with the subject heading “RIBBONS SUBMISSIONS” to Dave Rice, Journal Editor via email at, or by post to:

Dave Rice, TSA Editor
1470 Keoncrest Drive
Berkeley, CA 94702

The TSA’s submission deadlines are in hand no later than:

April 30            Spring/Summer Issue
August 31       Fall Issue
Sept 15               Fall Issue
December 31    Winter Issue

TANKA CAFE: Deadline August 31

NOTE: The above-mentioned are separate from your Tanka Cafe submissions (open only to TSA members) which should still be sent directly to Tanka Cafe Editor, Michael McClintock either by e-mail (at with the subject heading “TSA Tanka” or via mail to:

Michael McClintock
9230 N. Stoneridge Lane
Fresno, CA 93720

Website: Ribbons Submissions