Please send around 10 of your best poems. we favour short poems and poetry art, including micropoetry, japanese short form poetry, haiga, visual poetry, and free verse. simultaneous submissions acceptable, as it allows us to store your work until needed, saving us from sending out rejections. it would simply spoil the fun. however, if & when your work is published you will be notified by email. in the meantime, check in regularly to read & comment! a brief bio would add to the reading pleasure, include in it your links, and possibly, your favourite hedgerow flower… looking forward to hearing from you!

send your poems to: hedgerowsubmission@gmail.com marked ‘SUBMISSION’ followed by your name. please no attachments, except for pictures (jpeg preferred), rather copy and paste your poems into the body of the email. feel free to send a new submission every other month. include in your letter your full name and country of residence. thanks!


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